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Target Audience Worksheet

Is your company struggling to increase revenue ? Is your current target audience cutting their budgets, making it harder for you to generate new business? If so, it’s time to redefine your target market—and we can help. Our easy-to-use target audience analysis worksheet offers guidance... Download Now
Paradigm Marketing and Design

What Makes a Good Virtual Event?

Since mid-2020, we’ve seen a radical uptick in virtual events that has shifted the way the business community approaches events marketing. Though the all-virtual-all-the-time events environment proved only temporary, virtual events, to a large degree, are here to stay. Virtual events can be... Download Now
Paradigm Marketing and Design

Social Media Management Tools

Social media marketing is a vital piece of your marketing puzzle. As a standalone initiative, it can help you increase brand awareness, boost customer and prospect engagement and drive website traffic. When strategically integrated into your overall marketing plan, a well-defined social media... Download Now
Paradigm Marketing and Design

4 Essential Marketing Strategy Lessons for Business Growth

Book Chapter

Book Excerpt: Marketing Strategy Lessons for Business Growth Download our book chapter "Marketing on a Wish and a Prayer" The basic tenets of marketing are universal: Attract your customers with a promise that your product or service delivers a benefit, deliver on that promise, remind them you... Download Now
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