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The Mavens of Marketing Video Library

Episode #45: Kelsey Johnson

If your email campaigns suffer from low click-rates, you are not alone. Email campaigns are an effective part of most marketing plans. But, how can you ensure your email is not lost in the void? What steps can you take before you hit 'send' to reach the right audience for your message? Kelsey Johnson, Product Marketing Manager at AWeber, joins the Maven's to talk about what makes an email compelling enough for your audience to take action.

Episode #44: Julie Broad

If you have wanted to write a book or thought of publishing your existing work this episode is for you! Julie Broad, joins the Mavens to discuss the resources you need to market a book, what realistic goals for publishing are, and why planning for your audience before you start typing matters.

Episode #43: Vicki Harte

Sequencing is important and it is crucial to your marketing plan! When it comes to marketing plans we all want to start smack dab in the middle with a logo and brand colors. Today on the Maven's Vicki Harte explains why sequencing is important in marketing and the order of operations to ensure you are getting the marketing puzzle pieces to fit!

Episode #42 Rachel Durkan and Kerry Barrett

300%! You read that right! 300% is the increase in click throughs businesses saw by adding video to their emails! If you have not been using video as a marketing tool, Rachel and Kerry will show you why you should! Join the Maven's as they break down the 'video funnel', what is it and why is it an important touch to add to your marketing endeavors!

Episode #41: Lorena Mosquera

Virtual events are an integrated part of our lives. For businesses they present unique opportunities, join Lorena Mosquera as she dissects why your business should consider hosting virtual events.

Episode #40: Ken Ungar

Sponsorships present a unique opportunity for organizations because, unlike paid ads, they foster a two way relationship between the sponsor and the product or event.

Episode #39 Steve Wiideman

Steve shares the secrets to a truly impactful SEO strategy, alongside case studies of some of his biggest clients.

Episode #38 John Wall

John takes a deep dive into what AI is, how it can be used, and privacy laws surrounding the technology.

Episode #37 Deanna Russo

Deanna discusses how she grew her LinkedIn audience 25x in only 18 months!

Episode #36 Brooke Riley

Brooke Riley, the creator behind Re-Fabbed, shares how she grew a community of 1+ million engaged customers and became known as one of the business world's top innovators

Episode #35 Ryann Dowdy

Ryann shares her tips for social success and how the human-to-human connection approach is building the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Episode #34 Destinee Berman

Did you know that online education is a $365 billion annual industry? Knowledge is a highly desirable asset that you can leverage to build a community of highly engaged leads.

Episode #33 Mark Atteberry

Capture an authentic headshot that will contribute to your professional success.

Episode #32 Eugenia Kuzmina

64% of global consumers will choose or un-choose a brand if they don't align with certain causes. As a result, "cause marketing" has become increasingly important as a way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Episode #31 Danielle Hughes

More and more brands are transitioning to a personal branding strategy that infuses personality into a business model.

Episode #30 J Kelly Hoey

Building the right network can accelerate business growth, but where do you start?

Episode #29 Heather Monahan

How can a differentiator impact your sales success? Learn how to identify your unique value proposition and use it to propel your sales strategy.

Episode #28 Teresa Heath-Wareing

Course marketing is a 365-billion-dollar industry, but it can be hard to stand out in a saturated marketplace. Develop a quality lead magnet and learn how to stand out in a noisy marketplace.

Episode #27 Tim Pollard

Most companies struggle with ineffective messaging, but why and how does messaging go wrong?

Episode #26 Donna Miller

How do you know who should be in your network? How can you build a community and use those relationships to support your marketing endeavors?

Episode #25 Carmen Simon

We’ve been told the human attention span is getting shorter, but according to this guest, our brain is just overstimulated. How do you get your message to stand out in the noise?

Episode #24 Brian "B Mo the Prince" Moller

He is a TikTok sensation! Here’s how he got millions of subscribers. Now how do you turn that into millions of dollars?

Episode #23 Tamsen Fadal

Storytelling is an important component of building trust with your online audience. So what makes a good story?

Episode #22 Lorena Mosquera

Would your business benefit from a CRM? And if you have a CRM, how do you know you're using it correctly?

Episode #21 Henry Kaminski

Looking to turn followers into clients? Look no further! Learn how to rework a brand and messaging to better suit your ideal client.

Episode #20 Meg Ugenti

Data is changing constantly. Get new insights on collecting and using data to launch campaigns and help your business grow.

Episode #19 Ali Levine

Building a brand with content and confidence can be the key to success for anyone looking to grow their personal or professional brand.

Episode #18 Jennifer Kem

People love a good founder's story, but what exactly does that entail? Is it Personal Brand? Or a Professional Brand? What's the difference?

Episode #17 Beth Nydick

Authentic, real conversation that can strategically boost your network... all on a social media app? Sign us up!

Episode #16 Precious Williams

Do you want to have the power of pitch in your pocket? Are you looking to slay your competition? The #KillerPitchMaster Precious Williams talks all things pitches

Episode #15 Roel Hoekstra

"The beauty of [social] platforms and artificial intelligence in some ways is it allows you to test those marketing basics in a way we never could do before..."

Episode #14 Sonni Abatta

We're in a era now of change...where we should be reflecting" and sometimes not taking a stand, IS taking a stand.

Episode #13 Joe Apfelbaum

LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world, as it only keeps growing!

Episode #12 Loren Raye

There is space for every single person to have the brand that they have" Loren Raye discusses the importance of authenticity with Kerry and Rachel.

Episode #11 Jen Gottlieb

Building momentum is a crucial part of any new personal or professional endeavor, but you've got to start somewhere.

Episode #10 Ryan Wieland

19% of the US population has a disability , that's 56 MILLION people. If your site isn't ADA compliant, you're dropping a huge percentage of potential clients.

Episode #9 Glenn Rudin

How do you craft your elevator pitch? And how do you know you're saying the right thing? ESPECIALLY in a room full of people.

Episode #8 KP

Even after all the business coaches, sale gurus, SEM agencies, and growth hackers, sales still were not happening.

Episode #7 Ashley Owens

Networking is a human to human interaction", and in this day and age, these fundamental relationships matter more than ever.

Episode #6 Dr. Jean The Results Queen

Our brains are constantly releasing chemicals to help us feel, think and understand our environment.

Episode #5 Pam Aungst

"Mobilegeddon", SEO and Concussions, oh my! Joined by Kerry and Rachel, Pam Aungst of Pam Ann Marketing and Stealth Research & Analytics uses her expertise to break down SEO, PPP, Analytics and WordPress in this week's episode of the Mavens of Marketing

Episode #4 Vicki Harte

"We're not in the same boat, we're in the same storm" The repercussions of the global pandemic left many without a leg to stand out. Nearly a year later, what's next?.

Episode #3 Amy Porterfield

Driving in the snow, entrepreneurial struggles and quality list building. The legend of digital course creation, Amy Porterfield, walks us through her journey from cooperate life working for Tony Robins to powerful entrepreneur managing a multi million dollar company. How'd she do it? It turns out the money is in the email list!

Episode #2: Sheila Donovan

Social advertising strategies have changed AGAIN! Marketing Strategist, Sheila Donovan, of Sheila Donovan Marketing, dives into Facebook’s recent update and what that means for your company’s user experience in this episode of Mavens of Marketing.

Episode #1: Kerry and Rachel Intro

Are you looking for new and innovated marketing strategies? Do you want to hear from marketing experts from around the country? Check out this podcast with Rachel Durkan and Kerry Barrett…The Mavens of Marketing.

The Mavens of Marketing - Teaser #1

Are you looking for new and innovated marketing strategies? Do you want to hear from marketing experts from around the country? Check out this podcast with Rachel Durkan and Kerry Barrett…The Mavens of Marketing.

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How to use Facebook Live for Your Business

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How to use Facebook Live for Your Business

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How to use Facebook Live for Your Business

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How to use Facebook Live for Your Business

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